Short Stories

Here are some of the short stories I have written throughout the years. A few have appeared in magazines that are no longer in print (remember Funny Stuff magazine? Me neither.) Oh, I won a contest for a company I worked for a long time ago. The company name was Inbound Professionals and they were in Manchester, NH. They ran a contest called “In My Own Time” where employees were able to showcase what they did in their own time. I won a prize for the short story I wrote titled “Dancing“. That prize was a vomit-green t-shirt that was 2 sizes too big for me, with the words “On My Own Time” on the front. I still have it for some reason and have grown into it somewhat, but it still incites my gag reflex when I gaze upon it.

I have presented the short stories in the order that they were written, and hopefully you can see some improvement in my writing style as the stories continue. Most of the material I write about came from real-life experiences that I manipulated a bit for comedic effect, but not as much as you might expect. I feel that real-life experiences are the funniest moments. Once I could recognize these moments, I attempted to find the little absurdities in everything that happened around me. It turns out that there are a lot of absurdities to write about. Therapy? Coping mechanism? Maybe, I do not know for certain.

It was also a great help to have an extremely supportive family – especially when I was making fun of them for complete strangers to read about. Some of them are even still speaking to me. Sadly, some of the people I have written about are no longer alive to laugh with me. Mom & Dad – thank you for letting me bring up your less than flattering moments. Nearly everything I have written is dedicated to my beautiful wife Kathy – unless otherwise noted. She reads my stories and offers input, advice, love and support, but mostly I value her ability to laugh until she cries when I get something right.

I encourage you to write to me with any suggestions, criticisms, or whatever. I welcome embarrassing stories as well… Oh, and if you want to send huge amounts of cash, checks or jewelry, I accept these also.

Finally, when I was first learning web development, I used Microsoft FrontPage and I lost everything when I switched to ExpressionWeb, before finally settling on the industry standard of WordPress. It is too bad because there were quite a few comments asking for advice that stemmed from my short story “Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty“. Most people found it too late to stop them from having the procedure, but appreciated the laugh and the knowledge that they are not alone in their woes.

There may be a few links that are blank, but I am working on filling them in, so please be patient.