I went back to college when I was 48 years old and in the Spring of 2010 I took a bio-101 course. The course instructor was Professor Alana Evans and I really enjoyed the way that she used humor to teach the class. As part of this class, we had to write short 2-page MLA format “big picture” essay to show that we understood each chapter that we were studying. I decided to have some fun with the essays and as we delved deeper into the biology book, each essay became more outlandish than the last. Professor Evans fully supported my goofy writing style that showed that I understood what I read but also gave me a bit of artistic license while writing essays for Human Biology and let me go a bit overboard with foolishness. In other words, she made it fun to learn.

So with that said, I would like to ‘officially’ thank Professor Evans. Although I was interested in Human Biology, essay writing is often not an eagerly anticipated event. I found that I learned more if I could make writing each essay fun. I cannot begin to state how much I appreciated Professor Evans for allowing me to do that. The Big Picture Essays solved two common problems that I encounter while writing. The first is finding the time to write and the second is finding subject matter.