Lafayette, Lincoln & Little Haystack (09/01/2004, 08/09/2014)

4/44 Mt. Lafayette
5/43 Mt. Lincoln
Date(s) Hiked: September 1, 2004, August 09, 2014
Elevation(s): 5,260′ and 5,089′
Fee: $3.00
Trail(s) Taken: Bridle Path to Greenleaf hut, Greenleaf Trail to Lafayette summit, Franconia Ridge Trail to Lincoln and Little Haystack, Falling Waters Trail.
Weather: Sunny on both ends with rain just after the Lafayette summit.
Total Miles: 8.8
Total Time: 7 hours and 25 minutes.


August 09, 2014

Nick and I hiked Mt. Lafayette, Mt. Lincoln and Little Haystack. We ascended the Old Bridle Path to the Greenleaf Hut, then forged ahead like locomotives to the peak of Mt. Lafayette. From there we went to Mt, Lincoln and finally on to Little Haystack. At that point, we blatantly ignored the Shiny Rock spur trail and stumbled down the Falling Waters trail back to the parking lot for a total of 8.8 miles.

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