Proctor & Gamble Responds!

To their credit, Proctor & Gamble responded to my inappropriate letter about removing the demonic spirits from thrift shop clothing. It was very professional and rather short, but it is not without some accidental humor.


Thanks for contacting Tide, Rick.

Our Tide detergents have been thoroughly tested, and are designed to provide good overall cleaning over a wide range of laundry conditions. You can find a list of common stains and their removal tip from our experts here at Tide at our website:

In regards to your question, our detergents have not been tested for that intended use. Therefore we can make no recommendations to that end.

Thanks again for inquiring about Tide.

Tide Team

I have added this response to the end of the original post.

See M&M Mars? That was not so hard. Read my letter to M&M Mars from February 2000…



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