Rest In Peace, Mom

My Mom endured a great deal of loss in life. The loss of a marriage. The tragic loss of a teenage son in a horrific car accident. The death of her husband. The loss of her home. Obstacles like these would have driven many people to their knees, but my Mom was a pillar of strength. She was never bitter, sad or resentful and she never complained. Instead, she was always smiling – full of love and happiness.

No matter what was happening and no matter how bad we thought things were for her, she would look at you with that twinkle in her eye, and you would instantly feel comforted, knowing that everything was going to be okay.

While I can’t say for a fact that heaven exists, I can say that if heaven does exist it was created in preparation for the arrival of my Mom. She was and always will be an angel.

You can shed tears now that she is gone, but Mom would not have wanted sadness. She would prefer that you smile because she has lived and was a part of your life.

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