Zealand and Guyot (08/06/2010)

Date hiked: August 6, 2010
Official Elevation: 4,260 feet
Total Time/Distance: 5 hours and 35 minutes/10.0 miles

Comments: Solo hike, easy trail until Zealand Falls hut. Great view at Zeacliff, none at summit. Went additional 1.3 to Guyot. An interesting hike with so many terrains, boardwalks and even ladders to help you get to the top.

Took Route 302 to the Zealand Campground, then another 3.5 miles to the Zealand Trail.

8:45 am – Started hike

8:50 am – Trail splits. Stay to the right as the left leads to a ski trail.

9:00 am – Trail bends to the right after the boardwalk. The stream can be heard (and seen) on the left.

9:04 am – Small bridge crosses the stream, and now the stream is on the right.

9:08 am – Roaring river on left.

9:45 am – (Approximately 2.3 miles total) Came to the A-Z Trail junction.

9:55 am – Twinway Trail Junction/Zealand Falls Hut

10:10 am – Zealand Hut. Stopped to take some pictures. No sign for Zealand Mountain.

10:20 am – At the Twinway/Lend-A-Hand junction.

10:23 am – Trail forks. Take left across falls.

11:20 am – Trail levels off for a short while. A welcome relief for about 30 seconds, and it starts uphill again.

11:25 am Twinway/View junction. The view is a small spur path. Take the path as the view is amazing! The distinct Whitewall mountain, Carrigain notch, Bond and Guyot… they are all just stunning and definitely worth the spur path and the lack of view from the Zealand summit.


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