Garfield (07/22/2010)

Date hiked: July 22, 2010
Official Elevation: 4,500 feet
Total Time/Distance: 5 hours and 35 minutes/10.0 miles

Comments: Solo hike. Rained all the way to the summit. Windy/no view. Good wind block with the cement fire tower foundation though.

9:15 am – Started the Garfield Trail and nearly simultaneously it started raining. Oh well…

9:40 am – I think I crossed the Thompson Brook and the Spruce Brook. As it was raining, this was not as fun as it could have been in dry weather.

9:50 am – (approximately 1.2 miles total) Stream crossing at Spruce Brook again.

10:10 am – The trail takes a left onto a 5-foot wide dry stream bed/trail.

10:35 am – There is ~300 yards of flat trail. Then the trail gently ascends with a fairly easy grade.

10:55 am – There is ~300 yards of slight easy descent. Getting ready to head into a series of switchbacks…

11:05 am – First switchback to the left.

11:15 am – Next switchback to the right.

11:30 am – Trail takes a sharp turn to the left.

11:40 am – Switchback to the right.

11:50 am – Switchback to the right.

12:00 pm – Entered Forest Protection Area.

12:15 pm – (approximately 4.8 miles total) At the junction of the Garfield Ridge Trail and the Garfield Ridge Campsite trail.

12:30 pm – (Approximately 5.0 miles total) Garfield summit!

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