Tecumseh (07/17/2010)

Subtitled: A lot of work for 4,003 feet.
Date hiked: 07/17/2010
Official Elevation: 4,003 feet
Comments: Solo hike, mid 80’s and alternating sunny/cloudy. Cloudy at the top. Cairn marks the summit.

07/06/2010 (Evening) – The Waterville Valley Area is expecting isolated thunderstorms and a high of 82 degrees. But the storms look to be in the late afternoon…


10:25 am – after getting lost for 1 1/2 hours, I reached the parking lot for the hike. The Waterville Valley area is really nice this time of year. Only 2.2 miles to the summit.

10:50 am – I missed the stream crossing and went off the trail. Regained the trail.

11:15 am – Short break. There has been little elevation gain so far. At 11:20 am the trail actually descends.

11:22 am – Stream crossing to get to the base of Tecumseh. Half of the ascent is moderate and you are hiking on large rocks.

12:20 pm – Slight flat grade, then continue at a moderate ascent. Footing is better and the rocks are noticeably smaller. Of course, here come the clouds…

12:48 pm – At the junction of the Sosman Trail.

12:51 pm – There is a junction with two summit trails. The one to the left leads uphill, and the one to the right leads slightly downhill. I chose the left trail as I do not like to lose elevation after all the work it took to get it.

1:00 pm – At the summit. There were two dogs up here as well – a bulldog and a chihuahua. Temperature is nearly perfect with a much-needed breeze. Cloudy and about 70-75 degrees.

1:45 pm – Started back down.

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