Mt. Chocorua

Mount Chocorua is located in the town of Albany, New Hampshire and is the easternmost peak of the Sandwich Range in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest. When you are driving north on Route 16 heading to North Conway, you will not miss it, as it provides a spectacular and dramatic presence. Prepare to be awestruck!

The Legend

It is believed that Chocorua was the name of a Native American man in the 18th Century, although no authentic records of his life exist. The usual story is that in about 1720 Chocorua was on friendly terms with settlers and in particular the Campbell family that had a home in the valley now called Tamworth. Chocorua was called away and left his son in the care of the Campbell family. The boy found and drank a poison that Mr. Campbell had made to eliminate troublesome foxes, and Chocorua returned to find his son had died. Chocorua, distraught with grief, pledged revenge on the family. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Campbell returned home one afternoon to find his wife and children had been slain. Campbell suspected Chocorua and pursued him up the mountain that today bears his name. Chocorua was wounded by a shot from Campbell’s rifle. Before Campbell could reach Chocorua, he uttered a curse upon the white settlers and their homes, livestock, and crops, and leaped from the summit to his death.


My favorite trails are the Liberty Trail for the ascent and the Brook Trail during the descent.

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