S. Twin, N. Twin and Galehead (07/06/2007)

19/29 South Twin
20/28 North Twin
21/27 Galehead
Date(s) Hiked: June 10, 2016
Elevation(s): 4,902′, 4,761′ and 4,024′
Fee: $3.00
Trail(s) Taken: Gale River Trail, Garfield Ridge Trail, Twinway to South Twin Mountain, North Twin Spur to North Twin Mountain and back to South Twin Mountain, Twinway back to Galehead Hut, Frost Trail to Galehead Mountain and back to Galehead hut, Garfield Ridge Trail to Gale River Trail and out.
Weather: Early morning sun, mid morning rain, partly cloudy the rest of the day
Total Miles: 14.4 Miles
Total Time: 10 hours and 15 minutes.

8:15am – Gale River Trail. The first 3 miles or so is very easy with a few stream crossings to make it interesting. (Note: in August 2011, a one-mile section in the middle of this trail was relocated, avoiding two stream crossings by remaining on the west side of the river. The images below show the original trail.) Once the easy part is done, the trail gets very steep and there are several sets of rock steps that get you to the Garfield Ridge trail junction.

The last mile or so was difficult and the 0.6 miles on the Garfield Ridge trail to the Galehead hut seem to go on forever.

11:20am – Made it to the Galehead hut. Approximately 4.6 miles total. On to South Twin! The hike from the Galehead hut to South Twin is really steep.

12:44pm – Made the South Twin summit. Approximately 5.4 miles total. Left the South Twin summit via the North Twin Spur.

1:30pm – Made it to the North Twin summit. Approximately 6.7 miles total. The North Twin Spur is a very nice trail connecting North Twin and South Twin. The odd thing is there are no markers at the summit letting you know that you made it. There are only signs that tell you how far to the next peak. These signs correspond to the mileage on the maps, however.

3:20pm – Back to Galehead hut.

3:45pm – Made it to the Galehead summit.

4:00pm – Back at Galehead hut.

6:30pm – Back at parking lot.

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